Having a Facelift After 40: Essential Things To Know

If you are over 40 and considering having a facelift, I am often asked these questions by my patients: “Should I even have this? Will it be very noticeable? Will it make me look strange?”.

With this in mind, the decision to have a facelift after 40 and what kind of lift you are considering, is a really personal one.

The age of 40 marks a tipping point where oestrogen levels decline, leading to noticeable changes in skin texture, volume loss, and facial contours. Whilst there are many preventative options available, a full facelift is often the most permanent one. In this article, I am going to discuss the reasons why you would consider a facelift after 40, what to expect, and how it can help you to reclaim your confidence.

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  4. Looking for a Natural and Precise Transformation?

Having A Facelift – A Deeply Personal Decision

In a world where self-care is paramount, a facelift after 40 could be a fantastic treatment to consider. For many individuals, hitting the age of 40 marks the opportune time for a facelift – and it is becoming more popular every year. Traditionally preferred by older women seeking more significant results, facelifts that are more subtle and less invasive, are now gaining traction among those under 50.

Facelift procedures tailored for forty-year-olds differ from those performed on older demographics; there’s less skin excess, and deeper facial tissues have not undergone significant descent.

The structural robustness of facial tissues in our youth plays a pivotal role—the facelift, characterized by enhanced support, tends to yield enduring results. Unlike in advanced aging, where tissues become thinner and less supportive, a facelift in the forties boasts a longer-lasting impact.

For many of my patients, it is a deeply personal decision – one that they don’t really tell many people about (sometimes not even their husbands!). Society puts pressure on us to be completely natural, and to embrace ourselves even if we are not ageing in the way we would all like to.

That is why I created the Re:Form Facelift – a new technique, using just local aesthetic, that gives natural-looking results and avoids the “pulled back face” look that you see often in the USA.

Why Consider Having Facelift After 40?

In a bold departure from previous generations, today’s 40-somethings are redefining aging. Here are some reasons why a facelift after 40 makes sense:

  1. Addressing Early Signs of Aging: Fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin begin to emerge. A facelift effectively targets these concerns, preventing them from becoming deeply etched features.
  2. Long-Lasting Results: Facelift surgery provides results that endure—often a decade or more. It’s an investment in maintaining your youthful appearance and confidence.
  3. Preventive Magic: By removing redundant skin, we prevent it from hanging and forming pronounced wrinkles. Think of it as wrinkle-proofing your future face.

Why Do The 40s Matter?

Around the age of 40, our bodies embark on a subtle yet significant transformation. Estrogen levels begin to wane, affecting our skin’s texture and elasticity. Considering a facelift after 40 for rejuvenation? Here are some of the skin issues this procedure can treat:

Thinning Skin: The once-plump skin gradually thins, revealing fine lines and imperfections. Our complexion loses some of its youthful resilience.

Volume Loss: Sunken under-eyes and flattened cheeks become more pronounced. The fullness we took for granted in our 20s starts to fade.

Hollow Temples: Ever notice how the temples seem less rounded? It’s not your imagination. The hollowing effect becomes noticeable, subtly altering the contours of our face.

Shifting Bony Framework: Our facial bones undergo subtle shifts. Cheekbones may lose prominence, and the jawline softens. These changes contribute to an overall less defined appearance.

Drooping Facial Muscles: Gravity takes its toll. Facial muscles lose their tautness, leading to sagging jowls and a less defined neck.

In this delicate balance between aging gracefully and embracing enhancement, the Facelift after 40 emerges as a powerful ally. It’s not about turning back time—it’s about enhancing what we have, celebrating our unique beauty, and reclaiming confidence.

Facelift after 40

Looking for a Natural and Precise Transformation?

If you’re considering a facelift after 40, here are some reasons to choose Re:Form –

  • Precision and Natural Results: It combines surgical expertise with an artist’s eye. Sagging jowls, deep lines, and loose skin are transformed, revealing a rejuvenated you.
  • Minimal Bruising and Swelling: Recovery is swift. No need to hide away—step confidently into any restaurant self in just 7 days.
  • Seamless Comfort: Under local anaesthesia, no bandages, drains, or overnight hospital stay— a smooth, stress-free procedure.

Your Facelift Journey Begins Here

At Cormac Joyce Plastic Surgery, we believe age is a canvas waiting for transformation. Book a free consultation and explore how the RE:Form™ Facelift can enhance your natural beauty.

Remember, life is a masterpiece, and your face deserves to reflect that. Get in touch today and let’s discuss your options!