4D Tummy Tuck ™

Experience the pinnacle of abdominal sculpting with the 4D Tummy Tuck. Combining precision liposculpture and drainless technique, achieve a bespoke, defined, and natural-looking physique.

Achieve a bespoke, defined, and natural-looking physique with a HD Liposculpture

A standard tummy tuck with drains frequently results in a shapeless abdomen that looks unnatural and lacks definition. The 4D abdominoplasty™ is the Rolls Royce of abdominal cosmetic surgery as it marries the art of High Definition liposculpture with the technical refinements of a drainless tummy tuck. This novel procedure combines Cormac’s signature drainless tummy tuck with his specialised HD lipo skills that he learned under it’s creator, Alfredo Hoyos in Colombia.

The tummy tuck removes a lot of the excess skin and fat from the abdomen as well slimming the waist and flattening the tummy by repairing the muscles (diastasis). The drainless tummy tuck will give some good definition to the abdomen thanks to the internal sculpting sutures but utilising the HD lipo allows precise liposuction to sculpt the abdominal wall to accentuate the abdominal muscles resulting in softly defined, well- toned, or athletic physiques – patients’s can even choose the look they want and it is bespoke to each individual.

The recovery is exactly the same as for a standard drainless tummy tuck – but the results are not! There is one overnight stay in hospital and there are no drains. Manual lympahatic drainage is hugely important in this procedure and patients need to have booked this in advance and need 3 sessions in the first week and twice weekly thereafter for 5 weeks. Patients are advised to take it very easy for the first 2 weeks and should not drive during this period. Patients can typically return to work after two weeks but there should be no heavy lifting for 6 weeks in total.

Why choose Cormac Joyce

Passionate and highly skilled, Cormac Joyce is the trusted choice for life-changing cosmetic surgery. He is a fully trained plastic surgeon with a FRCS (plast) qualification and is on the specialist register and is a member of the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons. His commitment to perfection and transformative outcomes sets him apart.

“5 Stars Surgeon! 5 Stars Results!

I have spent many years researching surgeons in Ireland and abroad and attending various consultations. Dr. Cormac Joyce made my decision very easy for me. He was honest, professional and forth coming with all the information, good and bad, and he managed my expectations very well.
1 am now 10 weeks post Op and I still cannot believe how good the results are. It has changed my life. I cannot thank him enough. Should I have any more procedures in the future, Cormac would be the only choice.”


“Tummy Tuch – Couldn’t Recommend Enough!

I’m now 11 weeks post full abdominoplasty with Cormac and I could not recommend him enough. From my initial consultation, I knew I was in very experienced hands. Cormac doesn’t try and sway your decision regarding surgery, he clearly outlines what’s involved and what results you will receive. This was one of the main reasons I went with him.
He answers any questions you may have, no matter what they are. I couldn’t have asked for better results from my procedure. I’ve recommended him to family and friends and will continue to do so. I could never imagine travelling abroad for a procedure like this and knowing Cormac is at the other end of the phone, if I have any questions in the future, is a huge advantage. You’re in the best hands with Cormac as your surgeon!”


“Life Changing Surgery by the Best Surgeon in Ireland

I  have been considering a tummy tuck for almost 10 years but never had the courage to pursue a consultation -let alone go ahead with the surgery.

always convinced myself as a mother of children, it was too selfish/ costly/ unfair on my family to go through with it but over the last 12 months- I finally reached the conclusion I’d waited long enough and worked as hard as possible to get in shape but the excess skink had wasn’t going anywhere- no matter what diet or exercise routine I stuck to..
Once my mind was made up, I researched a couple surgeons in Ireland and Cormac stood out miles based or a number of factors. The most important being Cormacs reviews from his patients, this gave me reassurance I’m his ability to perform the surgery with minimal risk of infection (his signature drainless surgery) and that he wants doing the same thing on everyone.
Cormac was hands down the most professional surgeon. I also had quite a gap in my tummy muscles post partum which has always caused me back issues-”


“Delighted with my Results

For the last 15yrs I have wanted to have a tummy tuck & finally last year I decided I was going to do it. Cormac was the 1st doctor I went to for a consultation & instantly I knew I didn’t need to go see anyone else. Cormac was straight to the point in what needed to be done & was happy to answer any questions I had. I had such confidence in him that I had no nerves at all on the day of my surgery.

I am now 7 weeks post op & am absolutely delighted with the results. For me the surgery was about removing the loose overhanging skin from pregnancy and c sections, but I can’t believe the difference the muscle repair has made to my shape too, its just amazing.
Its the fist time in years that I have been happy to look at myself in the mirror and can’t wait to see the full results when the last bit of swelling goes down.”


“So Happy with my Choice of Surgeon

After having had a consultation with another clinic for Abdominoplasty and not feeling confident with them I had a consultation with Dr. Cormac Joyce. Poles apart. There was no doubt this was the Surgeon I could trust. Not having ever had surgery of any kind before I was extremely nervous but Dr. Joyce put me completely at ease. I am 10 days post op and thrilled with my results. I’m still swollen but can see already the complete change in my stomach. Dr. Joyce is a fantastic Surgeon. I’m excited to see the final results. I have no hesitation in highly recommending him to anyone thinking of having surgery. He is professional, talented, honest, supportive and passionate about what he does which ensures the patient they are in very safe hands.”


“Fantastic Results

Ihad a full tummy tuck and lipo 7 weeks ago and it’s easily the best decision l’ve ever made. I had consultations with a number of other surgeons, but when I met Dr. Joyce, I made my decision immediately. I felt very much at ease and in very good hands. I’m absolutely delighted with my results and plan to have breast augmentation done with Dr. Joyce next year.”


“Best Decision Ever – Delighted with the Results

I am three months after my tummy tuck and it is without doubt, up there in my top five best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m 43 and after three c-sections I was left with what I can only describes as a saggy pouch around my tummy. I am a positive person and really like to just get on with things, but this was really getting me down. I tried everything from exercise to diet to get rid of it. It was only when I went for my consultation with Dr. Joyce, that I found out I also had stomach muscle separation which was contributing to my pouch, which apparently, is quite common after c-section. After my first consultation with Dr. Joyce, I knew that I wanted to go ahead with the procedure. He was so wonderful and there was no question he couldn’t answer. It all happened very quickly and efficiently. I had two consultations and then had the procedure in March. I was so excited and the results have been amazing. While it was explained at my consultations and in all the information I read, it was a slow recovery and really took at least 6 weeks before I started to feel that I was rounding a corner. It was tough at times when you have three small children running around the place and you can’t lift them for 12 weeks, but I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever and couldn’t recommend Dr. Joyce highly enough.”


“5 Star Experience from Start to Finish

I had a bad experience with botched lipo on my stomach from a different surgeon I went to Cormac for help and he advised me to go for the full tummy tuck which I should of received in the first place and helped me regain my confidence, honestly I am so delighted with my results and I am only 7 weeks post op. He was a pleasure to deal with, made me feel so comfortable in my appointments previous to my surgery and afterwards. No words to describe how much Cormac has changed my life! I have had two pregnancies and a lot of loose stretch marked skin which is now gone, I couldn’t recommend him more.”


“Life, I Will Be Forever Grateful

After losing 7 stone on WW I was left with a pouch that made me feel self conscious and disappointed that my weight loss didn’t give me the feeling Ihad hoped for. But I tried for 3 years to train/exercise the pouch away but nothing helped. During Covid I started to follow Cormac on Instagram and found him informative, knowledgable and honest so I booked a consultation. From then on Cormac was upfront and honest in what he could do and how long recovery would take. My experience has been nothing but positive. I am now 8 weeks post op and overwhelmed at the result and how amazing I feel and look. Cormac really is changing lives”


“5 Stars from Me

I had decided I was finished having children and it was time to do something nice for myself. After lots of research or the best clinic I chose 2 clinies for consultation. I had my first consultation with Dr Cormac Joyce. I was completely blown away by Cormac Joyce. His attention to detail, his knowledge, his professionalism, his interest and his pride. I knew I was in good hands. I actually cancelled my second consultation at another clinic as I was so comfortable with Cormac.

I had my Tummy Tuck. Everything went to plan.
When I came home Cormac was literally at the end of the phone for any concerns. I’m now a happier more confident woman and I can’t thank Cormac enough.”


“Amazing Doctor! Results Speak for Themselves

I cant thank Dr. Joyce enough! This is me, five weeks post Op D.R. repair & full T.T. & I’m back in my jeans with room to spare! These jeans were
“snug” pre Op! Now, I’m not going to lie, the swelling is tough & can be seriously disheartening. But, I’ve no crinkly belly, no bulge, no hanging apron of skin when I bend over.
I never realised how much time I spent subconsciously worrying about my tummy, making sure tops weren’t too tight, always tucked in & NEVER EVER cropped!
Today, I just bought my first bikini ever!
I feel my core strength improving daily & although still swollen, the difference I feel in body & mind is immeasurable!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”


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215+ five star reviews on Realself


“I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Cormac Joyce. His expertise, attention to detail and genuine care for his patients make for an exceptional plastic surgery experience.” – Realself Verified Review 

Quick Enquiry

Fill out the form below and one of our clinic team will be in touch with you shortly.

215+ five star reviews on Realself


“I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Cormac Joyce. His expertise, attention to detail and genuine care for his patients make for an exceptional plastic surgery experience.” – Realself Verified Review 

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