Reclaim Your Self-Confidence By Reshaping/Repairing Your Earlobes

Achieve a balanced, natural-looking appearance with Earlobe Surgery / Repair.

Performed by Dr Cormac Joyce, the only Irish Plastic Surgeon on the Specialist Register

  • Performed under local anaesthetic

  • Achieve balanced, well shaped earlobes

  • Just a 30 min procedure

  • Minimal downtime

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“Cormac has changed how I look at myself… he is absolutely fantastic and I’ve never felt so confident in my entire life”

Many people are unhappy with the size and shape of their earlobes. Earlobe reduction surgery is a simple bespoke technique that reshapes a patient’s earlobes to the desired shape. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and I will mark out the proposed new earlobe shape before surgery so that patients are happy with the final shape.  Earlobe reduction takes about 30 mins to perform and the stitches are all dissolving and will fall out or flake off after a week or two.

Earlobes come in all sizes and shapes and for many people they don’t like the size of their lobes as they can be very long or not in proportion to the rest of their ear.  Earlobe reduction is done to reshape and decrease the size of the lobe.

The earlobe will be swollen for a week but there is minimal downtime.  I would advise not getting the ears pierced until about 8 weeks post surgery.

Why choose Cormac Joyce

Passionate and highly skilled, Cormac Joyce is the trusted choice for life-changing cosmetic surgery. He is a fully trained plastic surgeon with a FRCS (plast) qualification and is on the specialist register and is a member of the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons. His commitment to perfection and transformative outcomes sets him apart.